5 Incredible Benefits Journaling Can Change Your Life

For me, journaling is the symbol of freedom in writing without right or wrong. Here are some benefits of journaling that can change your life.

For me, journaling is the symbol of freedom in writing because there isn't any right and wrong to work on it because it is yours personally. More than that, journaling is an independent self-therapy method to deal with hard life patches, anxiety, or depression. It doesn't mean that you have to be in a difficult life that you will do journaling. You should have been journaling and you know well that it can maintain and achieve a balance in mental peace and emotion. Today I would like to share some incredible benefits journaling can change your life.

I am used to being a planner lover and I am still as is. It was before I felt the emptiness in my house. My sons entered college and my youngest left me at the headquarter to work more on ballet. Although we do the academic routines online, it is still very lonely. Unfortunately, I had major surgery of hysterectomy due to a giant myoma and anemia. It forces me to have early menopause. I had to spend one and a half months rest from most homemaking and blogging works. In addition, I have to deal with my menopause symptoms.

In such unstable physical and mental conditions, I visited several journaling Instagram accounts. Well, journaling is not something really new for me. Previously, I did some bible journaling. However, II enjoy a lot how people work on their journals with passion. Thus, I started my personal journal, the combination of my planner, bible journal, and bullet journal. Today I will not show off my physical journal display with the visual arts, but I will share some benefits of journaling that can change my daily life.

For me, journaling is the symbol of freedom in writing without right or wrong. Here are some benefits of journaling that can change your life.

5 Incredible Benefits Journaling Can Change Your Life

Raise The Sense of Awareness

In the crowded, noisy, and busy modern world, people get more and more ignorant from day-to-day. They don't have any awareness of the surrounding environment, such as nature, people, and sensitive or minor situations. Many people are not aware of wonderful things happening in their life. Thus, they fail to feel grateful and express it. Writing journals will help people be more aware and considerate toward their surroundings. They will stop for minor events and might overlook them.   

Writing a journal is not only about being more aware of some positive things around us. It is a learning process to be more mature about relationships and mental health through some cases faced in the real life. When you write about your interactions and days in the journal, you might learn about negative thoughts and did that form patterns repeatedly. There are also some personal and social relationships you can learn from. Throwing back through the day, you will see personal needs you might not notice yet. Moreover, you might be able to find other ways to deal with your external and internal stress.

Maintain Your Positive Thinking

Writing journals is something personal and it gives you the freedom to choose content as you like. When you do some reflections on your life with the small blessings that you are more aware of, you can move to more proactive and positive thinking from the negative and passive one. Even when you are in huge debt, having difficult relationships, or being fired, you are already grateful that you are still able to run, walk, and eat well. You are aware that many people cannot do those work well.

Doing journal writing, you will have days to learn in your life about yourself and others to pursue strong mental, to gain the ability to forgive others and yourself, and more things ahead. Spending your time to make a list of things that maintain yourself smarter, stronger, dan more durable than the problems you have will give you more maturity to push forward.

Help You to Plan Your Life

Journals can be a medium to get life inspiration that you can shape into more formal goals. You can also track and review your goals by giving feedback to the goal action plan realization which happens in the real life from day-to-day. In that way, you will be able to revise your action plan and renew the goals to meet your need. In this way, you use your journal as a great tool to plan your life as what you really want to shape better.

Explore Your Creativity

It will be boring if you only write about what happens in your life. Your writing can expand to what you want to happen, what makes things happen, how you plan something to happen, how you can make something better, and so on. Writing can encourage you to expand your thought and it will trigger your creative potential, imagination, and interesting thinking ways. Depends on what kind of journal you were working on. Some journalists love using arts to make them more enthusiastic about journaling. Consistently, journalists will try to show something new and better on display. This will explore the creative potential with all the freedom you have. You can express your fear, anger, and all the negative feelings with your creativity without being worried about other people's judgment.

Practice to Have Better Communication Skills

Journaling means writing about anything based on the type of journal. In your personal daily journal, better communication is a great benefit to get because you will practice communicating with yourself before with others. Practice writing about your feeling and thought will make you respond thoughtfully in the real life. Besides, regular journaling will improve your emotional intelligence. Thus, you can respond the needs and wants of others with better empathy.

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