5 Ultimate Tips to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Check out these 5 tips to keep a gratitude journal to help your daily gratitude practice for beginners to start with.

A habit of expressing the attitude of gratitude will keep you maintain your mental health. There are many ways to do so. However, there is no other way better than to write your gratitude in a journal to practice your gratitude expression daily. Check out these 5 tips to keep a gratitude journal to help your daily gratitude practice for beginners to start with.

Check out these 5 tips to keep a gratitude journal to help your daily gratitude practice for beginners to start with.

5 Ultimate Tips to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Journaling doesn't have to use pricy journal books or printable. If you have budget, that will be great to stimulate your mood with beautiful paper or journaling book. However, you have a limited budget, a simple physical or digital notebook will be enough.

Use A Dedicated Gratitude Journal

To keep a gratitude journal, you can use either your personal journal or any other journals you have. However, I would still recommend to use a dedicated or a special journal for your daily gratitude practice, especially when you have just started. First of all, you can focus better on thinking what makes you feel grateful. You can think better about things that made you feel happy and calm. Then, you can write them down without being overwhelmed and mixed up with other things that happened on that day. Thus, your intentions to practice the attitude of gratitude daily will be more clear. Once you are getting used to it, you can add your gratitude section into your daily personal journal gradually.  

Maintain a Sense of Positive and Enthusiastic Voice

The nature of gratitude journals is for you to recall what moments you feel happy that makes you grateful over them. By expressing your gratitude, you will be able to overcome the unhappy things since you appreciate what you have got. All other negative things are buried under the feeling of being grateful. Check out the benefits of being more grateful to read more about it.

Since the essence of being grateful is something that makes you happy, you will have to focus on the positive and the enthusiastic moments. Don't be swayed to the negative events that preceded or came afterward. Remember that you are keeping a gratitude journal instead of a personal journal that is usually about all of the things that happened during the day that comes out to your mind when you are writing the journal.

For example, if you had a terrible traffic jam in the morning that made you late to attend an important meeting, you should not write that in the gratitude journal. Instead, you need to focus on how happy you were to prepare breakfast with the kids in the morning. Thus, when you have negative thinking when you are writing the gratitude journal, it is better to bury it and focus on the positive things instead.

Write 5-10 Things You Are Grateful for Each Day 

Instead of writing a story or a narration recalling and expressing how you feel grateful in a day or over a time, it is better for you to start with a simple list of 1 thing you feel grateful for most on that day. Then you can increase into 3, 5, and even 10 things. Think about any moments during the day when you feel happy and at ease. Recall the time you feel relief and at ease. Is there any great surprise? There might be something big surprise or small enjoyment during the day. Write how you feel grateful on the gratitude list of the day.

Write Freely without Rules and Limit

A journal is not an exam or quiz paper that other people will assess. You write, keep, and read it by yourself. Thus, don't set rules and limitations for yourself. It is also for your gratitude journal. When you are just on the list stage, you can get longer expression when you feel comfortable with it. When you feel a paragraph takes too long, you can make it into a list. Don't worry to make mistakes.

Keep a Daily Writing Habit

You should set rules or limits to write on your gratitude journal, but there is the one and the only rule for any journal writing, which includes gratitude journal writing. Ideally, you should write in your gratitude journal every single day. It doesn't matter when you write the same things the next day. It will become a habit to think about your gratitude during the day so that you will have got things in your mind when you are about going to write in your journal. However, you might not be able to start writing daily. Take the time to get used to, until you come to that stage.

Free 50 Days of Gratitude Journal

It was said in the beginning that the best way to practice the gratitude expression is to write what you are thankful for daily. Thus, we provide a set of gratitude journals that you can use daily, weekly, or monthly. There are also 50 prompts you can use repeatedly to help you write what you are thankful for.

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