10+ Tips to Grow Your Blog with The Pinterest

Tips to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

 Pinterest has been my number one traffic to my blogs. Actually I was late to recognize this fact on the first time I started both my blogs and my Pinterest account. Here are more than 10 tips to grow your blog with the Pinterest. Devote Regular Pinterest Time Pinterest is a social media. It is […]

Why I Change from Genesis to Thrive Themes

Why I Change from Genesis to Thrive Themes

It was 2011 that I have just started blogging for the first time at Blessedlearners with the homeschooling niche. I started from zero with self-hosting WordPress. When many people usually start from the free platforms, I just wanted to start with the settled form since I didn’t want to get messed up with migration later on. […]

7 Reasons for Blogging in The Online Business

I purchased this domain for my personal blog initially. However, the inspiration to be a virtual assistant cannot hold me. Therefore, I decided to use this domain for my virtual assistant business. Many people do the same like me. The question is whether I am going to continue blogging in this website? Having a blog […]

9 Types of Compulsory WordPress Plugins to Install

9 Types of Compulsory Wordpress Plugins to Install

What are the Compulsory WordPress plugins to install? There are hundreds and even thousands of WordPress plugins available either for free or paid. When you have just started your WordPress blog, you might be overwhelmed by the plugins with the features that sound promising to make your WordPress blogs perform outstandingly. However, it is impossible to install […]

Plan Your Successful Blog with Blog Success Planner

There are many occupation and profession in the world and blogging has been a trend in the number of growth. There are more and more blogs and bloggers today and in the future. They are varied in terms of purposes and niche. Some blogs are just intended to be a personal diary or journal, but others […]