7 Reasons for Blogging in The Online Business

7 Reasons for Blogging in The Online Business

I purchased this domain for my personal blog initially. However, the inspiration to be a virtual assistant cannot hold me. Therefore, I decided to use this domain for my virtual assistant business. Many people do the same like me. The question is whether I am going to continue blogging in this website? Having a blog will make them quite busy. Therefore, when they start another online business promotion, they will not blog on the business website. That thought also came on my mind. I almost stop blogging here. By the way, thinking about giving up blogging in the online business is like losing the chance to promote the online business. One of the best tools to promote your online business is your blog. By blogging, you have at your fingertips the reason for people to visit and find you.

The Help of SEO

Good practice of blogging will automatically build SEO. Your blog is a great tool to improve the search engine optimization as you can write authoritative articles with keyword-rich which contain full of information that your audience can read. Finally, they will pursue the information to know more about the business. Meanwhile, the search engines like updated websites and the easiest way to update a site often is using the blog.

The Connection with Customers

Blogging is a great way to connect with your prospects and customers. They can give comments to your posts if you open them. Your blog can be a busy message board or forum, if you and your visitors are active in the discussions on your blog posts. In addition, those comments are also great for SEO.

The Trust and Authority Building

Blogging things in the business will make your audience know you better and they will know that you have the authority for the niche and topic that you are involved in. Giving more and more proofs through your diction on your blog will build the authority more. By promoting your products online, people will just think that you are merely a seller that want to get money from the customer. By blogging, people will see you not as a seller, but also as the expert that can be trusted.

The Inspiration To Make New Products

You will be able to find and analyze the problems that your audience has by blogging. From the analysis, you will increase your creativity to come up with solutions for the problems. As you develop a problem and solution format, you will be able to use those blogs as the inspiration to the future products.

The Place to Offer PR

There are only a few things in our life that are free. However, your blog is a free information as long as you write it by yourself. It is also a very effective way of marketing since you can use it to reach others and open the doors to other types of publicity. Social media is one place to lead you to the public. They are a free mean to your online business marketing. With the right content of blogging, you are offering more than a product for free.

The Relationship Building

Your visitors and customers will love to read your blog to learn more about you and your business. Thus, blogging is a great way to build a relationship. In addition, your audience will feel that you are thinking about them when you say something. Of course, you need to write with your audience in your mind.

The Insight Provider from Your Audience

Comments in the blogging posts and social media by the audience can give you insight toward what your audience wants. Further feedback and conversation with them in your blog will give you more information. Thus, your blog can be the insight provider from your audience. The insight can give you more ideas either to produce a new product or to write further on your next blog posts.

For me, building a new blog after having a growing one looks tiring for honest. I am moving more slowly on both of my blogs. I am still looking for a good strategy to move on. However, I am very confident that both of them can grow steadily if I manage to post regularly. Even, the upward trend will go on if we never stop blogging.

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