How to Make Your Fabulous New Year Resolutions Come True

You can be more successful with resolutions when you turn them into goals. Here are some steps on How to Realize Your New Year Resolutions.

The end of the year is the time when people usually decide to work on something for the next year or range of time to improve themselves in any field of their life. The simple word is called resolutions. As usual, it is easier to state your resolutions than to finish them in the targetted period. Thus, New years resolutions are sometimes fun to choose from, but fewer people stick to them when time passes. Your chance to be successful in working on the resolutions will be much higher when you turn them into goals. Today we are talking about How to Make Your Fabulous New Year Resolutions Come True. In other words, we will discuss How to Realize Your New Year Resolutions.

Before we start, let's check why people fail with the New Year Resolutions. First of all, they don't think further about how to realize the resolutions. Automatically, people don't create any plan of attack. As a result, there is little probability to be successful to hit the resolutions.

You can be more successful with resolutions when you turn them into goals. Here are some steps on How to Realize Your New Year Resolutions.

How to Realize Your New Year Resolutions

Set Your Goals with the SMART Method 

Like a soccer player who has a great desire to win the game, it is very important to focus yourself on the goals to beat the resolutions. Put yourself in the shoes of a soccer player or basketball player who thinks so many strategies to go through the goal net.

Dealing with the new year resolutions, you should treat them like the goal targets using the undoubtedly popular SMART method. With this goal creation strategy, you will have a greater chance to stick to the goals. You might have been familiar with this method, but let's review it to get more inspiration to improve your consistency in sticking to the goals that you create by yourself.  

Specific – A goal is different from a dream. You will need to create more specific goals. Write the details of your goals with the steps that guide you on how you can achieve them.

Measurable – For each of the steps in your goals' action plan, create a way for you, so you can track the progress. By measuring your goals, you can monitor how far you have beat the resolutions you have created.

Achievable – When you have finished creating the goals and the action steps for each, you will have to review to make sure that you can achieve each of the points with the conditions you have and probably the time you have set out.  

Realistic – Another point to consider is whether your goals and the steps are realistic for you to attain. I made a goal to start our homeschool classroom as early as 7 am in morning. I can measure it and it looks achievable on the paper planner, but it is not realistic for me because I wake up at 6 am and I still have to finish my kitchen matters. To make it more realistic, I would have to wake up at 5 am. However, is it possible for me when I go to bed at 12?

Timely – Don't forget to choose a date for each step you want to complete to reach the goals to realize your resolutions. In this way, you give a target for your goals to achieve. Don't forget to work on realistic and achievable dates or times so you won't give too much pressure on yourself.

Create a More Solid Plan to Achieve Your Goals 

Once you have set SMART goals with the time to achieve them, you can start to work on more detailed steps to work on the weekly and daily based plan. You might want to work backward or to divide the time you have before the end of the year.

Don't forget to keep yourself stick to the SMART method with any plan to get it done. In every single step you plan to work on, be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Take your time to write what you exactly need to do. Imagine yourself as a soccer player who is going to kick the ball into the goal net. Don't forget to calculate your timing on when you are going to achieve the goals. By doing this, you will understand that resolutions are basically a set of goals.

Create a Short list of Resolutions to get More Focused 

From the previous steps, you can see that the more details you put into each resolution goal, the more successful you are likely. Although it cannot give you a guarantee, the more detailed strategy you put into the action plan, you will get more focused to work on the resolution goals.

It will be much more effective to focus on fewer resolutions rather than too many things at one time. There might be a long list in your mind and it must be easy to create new years resolutions. However, it is not easy to resolve them well. Therefore, keep your list to the minimum so you can be more focused to work on them step by step. 3 to 5 resolutions in a year will be more reasonable for you to focus.

Take Baby Steps

At the beginning of the new year, you will face a set of goals with tasks or subtasks following each of them as you have proceeded on the previous steps. You might feel overwhelmed to think that you will have to work on the list. Do you have enough confidence to work on them all at once?

Try to take baby steps or stick to one goal at a time. You might spread them over the targeted time. Start with one of them and get focused until it is stable or on the right track. Then, you can move on to the next goal.. In this way, you will not have too many new things to start at once. You will focus on one at a time.

Track Your Goals

To measure your goals, you will need to track them regularly. It is to make sure you follow your list consistently. You can also evaluate your resolutions later on using the tracker. Trackers can be in various forms, from digital, paper, or even things to count, such as peckers or buttons or jars/massons.

Get Accountability Partners

There will be times you feel unmotivated and broken down so you feel desperate. You will need someone to be a partner or probably a group of people for you to share your progress, success, and failure. You also can help each other to work on the resolutions with the steps included. In this way, you will not fall easily. Instead, you can support each other.

Reguler Evaluation and Reevaluation

Have some times to throw back what you have done and think further about what makes them successful or fail. You can continue your strategy or improve it to make better results.

  • It often happens that what you think in the beginning is not the same as what happens in reality.
  • You might have better strategies in the middle of the way.

Pray for Grace or Blessings

I believe that everything happens because of the eternal authority of God Almighty. Thus, we need to ask grace from God to bless us with all planning we do because we don't live alone. I believe that God interfere with our life. With his blessings, nothing is impossible as long as we work hard to make it happen.

You can be more successful with resolutions when you turn them into goals. Here are some steps on How to Realize Your New Year Resolutions.

Reading those steps and tips, have you been ready to work on your resolutions? If you failed several times previously, keep persevere to work on your resolutions. I hope the 8 steps on how to realize your New Year resolutions can give you more motivations to realize your dreams.

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