4 Simple Methods to Express Gratitude

We are going to talk about the methods to express gratitude. Here are simple routine options you can add to your days.

If you feel thankful for something, should you express it or just bury it inside your heart? Read our previous post about the benefits of being more grateful if you still doubt expressing gratitude as a habit. The next question that comes up will be how you can express gratitude and to do it regularly as a habit. Thus, today we are going to talk about the methods to express gratitude. If you are still not sure about how to start a gratitude practice, you have come to the right place on the right time. Check out these simple routine options you can add to your days to help you express gratitude.

We are going to talk about the methods to express gratitude. Here are simple routine options you can add to your days.

Simple Methods to Express Gratitude

Be Grateful Throughout the Day 

Get some quiet time to recall some most grateful moments in your life. Mention it out loud or inside your heart quietly at a specific time and occasion. Don't stop to that point. Recognize any wonderful moments that give you blessings on that day, whether it is significantly big or unrecognized simple. When you wake up, be grateful you still can breathe and see the world. Be grateful when you have your simple meals because you still can eat while there are many people that cannot eat their food well because of poverty, sickness, or any condition around them.

You will be surprised to find a lot of moments when and which you can be grateful for from time to time. Nourish your day with your grateful mind so you will feel happier for what you are and for what you have.

Include Gratitude in Your Personal Journal 

Not everyone can stand writing a journal although many people want to do that. Therefore, if you are an avid journal writer, you are so lucky because you have a way you like to pour your mind and get refreshed afterward. What you need to do is just to include several moments you are grateful for in that day. You might start with 1, 3, 5 events briefly before writing other things.  

Start to simply without adding extra time to your journaling moment. Thus, you will not get burnt out easily with journaling. When you have been used to it, you might do narration or deeper reflection in your gratitude journaling section.  

Start and Keep a Gratitude Journal 

If you have not had a personal journal, you might start with doing a gratitude journal. Even if you want to focus in the attitude of gratitude expression, you can work on a dedicated gratitude journal of yours. Get a simple journal you like to use personally. Pick a special time of the day to make a list of what you feel grateful for every single day.

Like the personal journal tips, you can get deeper and more detailed once you get more engaged in journaling. You might start with the question word “what”, then “when”, “where”, “why”, etc when you do the gratitude journaling.

Keep a Gratitude Jar 

Starting a gratitude jar is also a gratitude practice you can do every day. Instead of writing in a journal personally, you write on a piece of paper, usually a small one. Write your grateful expression on the paper before you fold or scroll it. Then, put the paper in a jar, preferably a big one.

Using a gratitude jar, you can include your family members to join in. It can be a great bonding routine you do together as a family at night. Get them to write on a piece of a small paper thing they feel grateful for. Then, everyone put the paper in the jar.

50 Days of Gratitude Journal

You can keep a gratitude journal to help you practice expressing gratitude daily. We are giving away a gratitude journal for our readers to use daily, weekly, or even monthly. Have you downloaded it? Click the button below to lead you to the article.

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