Plan Your Successful Blog with Blog Success Planner

There are many occupation and profession in the world and blogging has been a trend in the number of growth. There are more and more blogs and bloggers today and in the future. They are varied in terms of purposes and niche. Some blogs are just intended to be a personal diary or journal, but others are used as tools of business or monetization. The purpose might change in the future according to the needs and priority. The more a blog is intended to be monetized or used as a business tool in the end, the more challenging it is going to perform stand out from the others. The competition is harsh for blogging successfully.

On the other hand, blogging can be still a very challenging activity for many people who want to expand their blog. For me, blogging successfully means the ability of a blogger to overcome the challenges in blogging. What are the challenges in blogging?

Plan Your Successful Blog with Blog Success Planner

Challenges in Blogging

Time Management

Managing your blogging time is a hard time to many new bloggers and even it still can be a burden for bloggers who have got some experience in several years. You might use your mood to run your blog, but the more you are serious with your blog, the harder it is going to be. Juggling with your time is what most partime bloggers do.

Book Keeping

Time is not the only challenge for bloggers to expand the blog in terms of monitization and professionalism.

If you consider it seriously, blogging is an investment of effort or thought, time, and money. There must be some expensed for self-hosted blogs. The minimum financial expenses are for domain and hosting fee.


Possible Expenses in Blogging

  • Premium plugin
  • Email providers
  • Social media management tools
  • Photo stocks
  • Online design software
  • Premium theme
  • E-courses
  • Business travel
  • Virtual assistant
  • Ebooks
  • Etc

To cover those expenses and to get profits bloggers usually have incomes:

  • Sponsor posts
  • Affiliate
  • Products sold
  • Membership
  • E-courses subscription
  • Speaking
  • Services
  • Advertisements
  • Etc

Book keeping is important to make sure that a blogger reaches the target and don't experience any lost. However, many bloggers don't do a clean book keeping and they experience lost in the end.

Social Media

Social media is closely related to the life of your blog. Unless you delegate your social media work to a virtual assistant, you will need to do the social media work regularly. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your blog to grow and to have more readers or visitors. However, regular based posting will not be enough for you. You also need social media development ongoing strategy that you use consistently. You might use social media management tools, but without strategies, you cannot get maximum exposure to grow your blog.

To conclude, some strategies and consistency in blogging are necessary for blogging successfully.

Content Creation

People say that blogging content is a king. Although it is not absolute, content plays an important part in a blog. People won't return to your blog when they cannot find great contents inside, but they will return when your contents are suitable with the readers' needs and interest. Therefore, the content creation planning is very important.

It is not only the readers that are expected to visit your blog coincidentally, but the ability for the search engine to find your blog posts is also urgent so that your contents are reachable by the audience. It is a challenge for all bloggers to use the SEO along with the plugins in the blogging platform if you use WordPress.

Growing Your Products

As I mentioned previously, there are many ways that a blog can work for you to give income. Selling products and services are a couple of them to make your blogging income. Creating a wonderful product is useless without the right launching and marketing. You also need to do some continuation in production so that your audience will see more and more products in your blog.

It is quite hard to get the inspiration about the products and to schedule the production target. A blogger needs to be persistent and organized so that the right moment and steps will work well.

Continuation Education

A successful blogging will involve continuous learning with a provided budget. Learning in blogging will never end as the technology will also grow all of the time. What worked for a blogger 10 years ago might not work for a blogger today. On the other hand, the 10 years time span might give some trouble for a blogger to learn in a matter of ages. The ability to receive and apply new knowledge will determine whether your blogging is successful or not.


Blogging is also about networking. A blogger cannot live alone inside the blog. He or she needs to work with other bloggers in some groups or community. Networking will definitely grow your blog better as more people will support the bloggers. How do you plan your network growth? That is a challenge for a blogger for blogging successfully

Blog Success Planner

How do you plan to blog successfully? I am very happy today to share Blog Success Planner by Tabitha Philen with my readers. When you start your blog, you must want to have a successful blog. Do you plan your blog to be successful?

Features I Love

  • Blog Success Planner is a wonderful planner which is not only for the time management and targets.
  • With over 200 pages, we can have a guidance and a strategy storage to overcome the blogging challenges.
  • Bloggers can plan, glow, strategize the social media to increase engagement
  • Blog Success Planner will help bloggers to create products to give more control to their income
  • Bloggers can brainstorm content that meet the need of the target audience
  • Some techniques required by bloggers are included with the real practice application like SEO.
  • With a planned and strategized action in blogging, bloggers can grow and learn by doing to master the blogging carrier

How To Get Blog Success Planner

Blog Success Planner are available in 6 bundles (a total of over 200 pages):

  • Basic Bundle ($27 value)
  • Income Bundle ($14 value)
  • Social Media Bundle ($19 value)
  • Content Bundle ($14 value)
  • Growth Bundle ($14 value)
  • Accessory Bundle ($19 value)

Or $107 total value.

With only $47, you can get all of those 6 bundles with the training how to use the Blog Success Planner.

Are you waiting a success come to your blog? You can plan your blog to be successful with the Blog Success Planner. Why should you wait the success come to you? Plan to get success in blogging with Blog Success Planner.

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