Get affordable rates and qualified service working with Adelien Tan VA Service. Let us help your online business growth while you keep your focus on other more important things.

Our hourly rate starts from $15 to $25.

Adelien Tan Virtual Assistant Service Rates

Virtual Assistant Service Pack Rates

If you are taking your business to the next level, this package will be a perfect choice. Price will be billed monthly. You will have $15/hour, if you order 20 hours retainer. The total will be $300/month

You will get 10 hours of virtual assistance service based on the requirement. Price is billed monthly. The service will cost $20/hour, with a total of $200/month

This package is for anyone who has just started outsourcing the virtual work. You will get 5 hours of assistance monthly based on your requirements. For this package, you will have $23/hour with the total $115/ month.

You can consider other packages to maximize the saving.

My hourly rate is $25. I would like to suggest you to get packages so that you can get better price up to $15 per hour. For each customize projects using the hourly rate, please contact me so I can calculate how many hours I need to work on it.

Which service is good for you?

  1. Make a list of work you would like help with on a monthly basis.
  2. Do you have any projects that you want to accomplish? Make a list of steps you need to complete the ones you would like help with.
  3. Choose the time frame in which you need the project completed, then spread the steps over those months.
  4. Calculate the normal hours to complete the list of tasks and projects.
  5. Choose the package from the Monthly Retainer Page. The price will be reduced automatically according to the number of hours you choose.


  • Projects and tasks include the steps and report when finished.
  • Projects and tasks do not include the virtual communication with clients.

For more specific and more economical packages, please see the links on my service page. For other services not offered on that page, please contact me for more information


There are three kinds of payments:

Project Payment

Project payment will include services that are required to finish a project. The payment needs to be made up front and includes:

Monthly and Yearly Payment

Monthly and Yearly payments will include services that are invoiced monthly or yearly. This means that you subscribed to our service, which includes:

Flexible Projects or Subscription Payment

For regular monthly work orders, I am happy to give a discount. Let’s Talk

Payment Policies:

Project payments will include services that are inquired to finish your project.

  • All projects require upfront payment. However, you can make a 50% deposit to begin the project and the remaining 50% due upon completion prior to delivery. Please contact me to pay the deposit.
  • There are some projects that require after service payment. Please look up service details.
  • Up front payment is required for all Monthly and Yearly projects.

Project billing can include either one of the packages available or customized projects. Each individual project will be estimated based on the work involved.

  • If payment is not received within 5 days, services will not start until the invoice is paid. Invoices will be sent via email from Paypal and are payable through PayPal upon receipt.
  • Monthly payments will be invoiced via Paypal in advance on the 30th of each month. Payments are due no later than 5 days after invoice.
  • Yearly payments will be invoiced 15 days before the due date. Payments are due no later than 5 days after the due date.

Further information about payment will be sent in a personal email.

Methods of Payment:

PayPal™ is accepted as payment for all services. PayPal accepts all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American express, Discover)


If you are pleased with the quality of our work, please consider telling your friends. A word-of-mouth reference from our satisfied clients to their friends or colleagues is the best praise we can receive.

  • When you refer a client, you’ll get 10% OFF your incoming bill. Client MUST mention name in initial email.

Please direct them to our Contact Page to schedule their complimentary consultation.