Facebook is a more personal social media platform to market your products and brands. Compared with Twitter, it has some special features of posts:

  • Facebook can expose longer posts that encourage a conversation.
  • You can post images that people will want to like and share.
  • Questions that require a response will make the engagement better.
  • Some survey can be posted in the form of fill-in-the-blank updates (example: “The best part about homeschool is ______.”)
  • You might also expose your blog posts, especially those with great images.
  • News about your company can be spread using Facebook.

Is Facebook your platform to your online marketing? Let me help you to safe your time, money and to focus on your goals.

Facebook Support Service

  • Posting to your Facebook a fan page with your content or similar niche to increase the reach and engagement (50-120 posts weekly, based on the need)
  • Perform your Facebook group maintenance, including member approval and spamming filter.
  • Promotional posts to many groups you have (based on your need)
  • The creation of quote images to post in Facebook

Why should you hire me for this service?

  • I don't trust the machine alone. I use analysis to give command to the machine based on it.
  • I will represent your side to communicate with your customers or customers to be.
  • I will maintain communication with you to make sure I take the action required.
  • I usually manage the post balance according to the forms.

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