Pinterest is the youngest social media platform compared to Facebook and Twitter, but it has already shown huge impacts in the online marketing.

  • Pinterest is a highly visual experience. All posts are represented by pins for either images or videos.
  • Pinterest is a highly social platform. The right pictures or images pinned in the Pinterest will be easily spread out since people love to pin and bookmark them.

For my clients who believe that visual tools have huge influence to the brand, image, and product marketing and traffic, I provided monthly Pinterest support

Pinterest Support Service

  • Ongoing Pinterest boards optimization by
    • Giving description on pins will increase the repinning chance. By doing so, your pins will be detected more easily by the search engines.
    • Checking for pictures and links. There are many unmatched pictures and links. There might be missing links in your pins. I am going to help you checking the links consistently so that people will visit your site better.
    • Testing boards will be helpful to make sure your pins are well arranged and organized. People will be happier to visit it.
  • Daily Pinterest schedule with 15 pins/day.
  • For your group boards, I will do the contributor approval and rule maintenance
  • Pinnable image creation

Why should you hire me for this service?

  • I am editing the description of your recent pins from your boards so that people can easily search them.
  • I don't only pin your board, but I will check your main board for optimization by moving and deleting pins regularly.
  • To maintain the contributor approval and rule maintenance will need a human, not a machine. I will be on duty for you regularly.

Check out our Pinterest Support Service