Twitter is one of social media platforms that can be very potential to spread out your business through the online marketing. Here are some characteristics of Twitter:

  • It requires quick updates.
  • Posting interesting links in your industry you’ve curated will grab attention from people to follow.
  • Posting in Twitter sometimes requires responses to other people talking about similar topics.
  • Some fun facts about your company or industry can trigger inquiry from audience.
  • Answers to questions people are asking will increase your positive image.

Twitter is a very quick media. People spreading the news in seconds. With a great networking, the news we tweet will be spread on the right target of markets. For my client, I have a twitter support service to grow the engagement and followers.

The Twitter Support Service

  • Daily tweets related to your niche and events will be spread out 50 even tweets weekly.
  • Content curation, based on your needs & goals.
  • Engage with followers each day by retweeting and giving response.
  • Daily retweet chores in Facebook Groups.

Why should you hire me for this service?

  • I don't trust the machine alone. I use analysis to give command to the machine based on it.
  • Twitter is a very fast platform. I will check your twitter for response and retweet. I will represent your side to communicate with your customers or customers to be.
  • I will maintain communication with you to make sure I take the action required. Thanking and greeting the retweeter are also handled.

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