Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

It is very hard for us for ignoring the involvement of social media use when we are involved in the virtual work. Using social media is a key to building up the online business. However, there are many chance that our personal life fails easily because of the wrong strategy and the addiction toward the use of social media. That is why, if you have any online business, subscribing to the social media tool is a compulsory:

  1. It is usually hard for many people to stop when it comes to the social media. On the other hand, it is impossible for us also to stay 24 hours to boost the social media engagement and reach.
  2. We need strategy to post in each social media platform and not everyone can master all of the “game”. Therefore, giving the hard task to the relevant social media management tools.
  3. To be successful in the social media marketing, posting in the social media is not only about your own content. It also involves content curation. Many social media management tools provide selected contents to boost your engagement and reach.

Today I would like to share some social media management tools that I have already used. I am also still using some of them at the moment, either the free or the paid account.


It is a paid social media management plugin for self-hosted WordPress that has another function as an editorial calendar. Scheduling your old and incoming blog posts in the social media will be much easier. Under the post editor, there is a scheduling form that makes us possible to plant when, where, and how we are going to share the post. We also can reschedule the old social media share in the future as well. Coschedula works with

  • Personal FB, FB pages, and FB Group that you admin
  • Twitter
  • Linkedn
  • Google Plus
  • Tumbler
  • Buffer

Although Coschedule is very useful in sharing the blog post through the WordPress dashboard, we also can use it outside the dashboard for other social media purposes. I wish it had a pinterest like it was before, but the pinterest has been deleted through CoSchedule several months ago.

Buffer App

When Coschedule has more detail and direct social media status posting as a WP-plugin, Buffer App has buttons in some other sharing button plugins so buffer will be very efficient to use outside the blog's dashboard. Buffer App doesn't focus on the blog post only, like what Coschedule does. Buffer is integrated to Coschedule that it shortens the url of the shared links and the posting schedule. What I like a lot about buffer are

  • The accessibility in the iOS App and Google Play. Whichever gadgets I use, I still can share posts in the related social media with Buffer App.
  • Buffer App is available for free with limited 10 post queue. With the free plan, I still can use it daily. Everyday I still can schedule for 10 post queue and wait until one by one of the posts displayed.

Buffer App is integrated with the Twitter, FB, Google Plus, and Linkedn.

Post Planner

Like the name, post planner is anoher social media posting scheduler. However, it has specialty in the availability to provide variation of posts and the rich ideas of posting for each type. After we determine the posting schedule and types on each time, we can visit the posting ideas tab and choose the ones that we like. They have been classified by the types of posts: engaging photos, link, and status ideas. All those posting types will be automatically distributed to the posting schedule we arranged previously. What I like from Post Planner:

  • It is not just a planner that scheduling our status updates or social media posts, but it is also a post curator. The social media content is not boring.
  • Post Planner can be integrated well with FB and Twitter, but it is more specialized in FB, I think. All of the status can be re-posted regularly without further instruction.


Hootsuite is a very popular platform to manage multiple accounts of social media into one dashboard. We don't need to move between tabs to access some social media accounts. We also can schedule posts into multiple accounts and groups we manage in a certain time or at once. Using Hootsuite, all message or status updates can be spread in different social media at the same time while we are observing the response at once and at the same time. Hootsuite works well with some social media platforms and email providers.

Viral Tag

Viral Tag is another social media management tool that focus on the image sharing. In the past it only had specialization in Pinterest, but right now it can schedule in advance to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. We usually use Viral Tag to pin the same picture on several boards or collaborative boards with certain time space in between. What I like from Viral Tag:

  • It has an image button extension on the browser so that it will ease users to schedule the pin.
  • Some collaborative boards require certain number of pins in certain period. Using Viral Tag it makes the works much easier.


Like Viral Tag, Tailwind is a pinterest scheduling specialist. Pinterest has been my number one traffic for our other blog, so more careful use of pinterest analytic and scheduler is a blessing for me. For detail and complete analysis on pinterest account performance, Tailwind has been very helpful so far. What I like from Tailwind:

  • It has very detail weekly reports sent to our email helping me the progress and growth of the pinterest account.
  • It is not only scheduling, but also monitoring, analyzing, and reporting.

If we are not Pinterest experts, we just feel save to share and market in this platform since Tailwind will help us to think further.


Boardbooster is so far the most economical Pinterest scheduler that will help us to:

  • Schedule Pins automatically and regularly. Just point which boards you want to pin and to which boards.
  • Improve the pins quality by testing the broken links and duplication
  • Clean up our boards
  • Optimize the strategy of pinning time

With those features, I don't need to schedule, but I just need to check which boards perform better and which one needs to move. Besides, there are three different methods of daily pinning. Boardbooster will be a wonderful pin scheduler for any busy blogger. You just need to pin your post on one board once and Boardbooster will manage the repinning to other boards as well as cleaning the boards.


Ahalogy is a free Pinterest scheduler. You don't pay anything, but you need to get an invitation to join. Some people say that it takes a long time to get invitation response, but we only got it in a day. As a Pinterest scheduler, Ahalogy focuses on giving the people as many great pins as they can with some suggestion on the lift up words inclusion in the pin description. There is also a link to the Pinterest analysis and guide.

There are still a lot of social media management tools we still want to try and use. How thankful I am to people who have created those tools. Can you imagine what happen with the social media marketers without the social media tools? If you are really serious with your online marketing, you don't have any other choice to ease your life other than using the social media management tools.

Ease Your Online Marketing with The Social Media Management Tools

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