10+ Tips to Grow Your Blog with The Pinterest

Tips to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

Tips to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest Pinterest has been my number one traffic to my blogs. Actually I was late to recognize this fact on the first time I started both my blogs and my Pinterest account. Here are more than 10 tips to grow your blog with the Pinterest.

Devote Regular Pinterest Time

Pinterest is a social media. It is a media where people meet virtually with the use of images or pictures. Like the real life, people will be more engaged when they often meet each other. Not different with other social media, Pinterest will demand you to participate regularly. Participation can be in a form of pinning, saving, liking, and managing. You need to decide how frequent you are going to spend your time daily in Pinterest. Here are some alternatives:

  • 3 x 10 minutes daily pinning
  • 15 minutes for pinning, saving, and liking with once a week arranging the boards.

Have Systems to Pin

Now, it is time to think about what you do in your pinterest regular schedules. There are many ways to pin and repin in your pinterest boards to increase your followers and to promote your contents. Here are some of the systems that you can implement and combine.

  • One advice is to pin and repin in the same board, but others say it doesn't work since wasting pinning will make people confused
  • You might alternate pinning between your blog post board to the group boards. Then, you repin from group board to your appropriate boards.
  • There is also a system that uses the secret board to store the pins and you need to repin it later on the right time and in the appropriate boards.

Pinning Yours and Others

A balance pinning of yours and others will give you more chance to get followers.

  • People have various need in life. Some people is passionate only in the food pins, but others are in the homeschooling pins. If you pin various niche, which are not only yours, you will have more “market” of followers. I mean you will have followers from different areas of interests.
  • There are seasonal pins along with the change of the seasons. Involving other pins related to the current seasons will increase your possibility to get more followers.
  • People visit and use the Pinterest to get ideas of contents. More ideas and contents will make people interested to follow you.
  • To work with Pinterest, you have to enjoy using it. Enjoying the Pinterest is to enjoy various pin that are available. You will not enjoy Pinterest if you only enjoy your pins.

Apply for Rich Pinner

Rich pin means the extra information about your blog on the top of your pin description. When people pin a picture from your website, they can see from which website the pin comes from originally, the title of the post or item, the website’s favicon and name, as well as additional information about the post. Here is the link for you to apply to Rich Pin

Use Schedulers

Well, if you are a very busy person like me, you might use the Pinterest schedulers to help you scheduling the pinning activities. There are several social media managements for scheduling that include Pinterest. However, I prefer to have specific scheduler for Pinterest. Here are some Pinterest Scheduler options:


With Viraltag you can:

  1. Save time and schedule your pins in advance.
  2. Schedule pins from your own website in bulk.
  3. Find popular images to pin from other Viraltag users.
  4. Find and schedule pins from anywhere on the web easily.
  5. Schedule your repins at the best to time for maximum engagement.
  6. Create original graphics that will go viral on Pinterest.
  7. Edit your original content to be the best format for Pinterest.
  8. Measure the ROI of Pinterest with social media and traffic reports.
  9. Discover the best times to pin to earn the most engagement.
  10. Manage your Pinterest scheduling along with your other social networks.

Try for yourself with a free 14 day trial of Viraltag. Click here to start your Viraltag Trial.


Here are some features of Talwind that you might want to try:

  • Tailwind has some pinning methods: Multi-board pinning, bulk upload, drag-and-drop calendar and many more shortcuts built with your busy schedule in mind.
  • You don't need to think about the pinning schedule anymore as Tailwind can pin automatically when the audience is most engaged.
  • What  love the most about Tailwind is the analysis of your Pinterest account progress and engagement.
  • Tailwind has a browser extension as well that ease users to pin faster like a pro


Boardbooster is the most economic Pinterest scheduler I have ever used. The price is calculated based on the number of pinning done. Boardbooster has 3 methods of pinning:

  • Campaign, pinning from certain boards to other boards automatically for the set periods of time and frequency.
  • Looping, repinning on the same boards to revive the older pins.
  • Scheduler, pinning from the secret boards we have set to certain boards we want

Boardbooster also has reports for:

  • Pinning history
  • Board performance
  • Best times to pin
  • Follower growth

Sending Your Pins to Facebook and Twitter

To spread out your content wider, you can also share your pins at the same time to your twitter and your Facebook timeline. It will make the audience from different social media see your contents pinned in the Pinterest.

Interact with Others

As a social media, Pinterest is also a place for us to meet and interact with others. What kinds of interaction can you make within Pinterest?

  • You can build a secret board where you can pin you blog post together. Then, each of the group member will repin them to their personal appropriate boards.
  • You can invite other pinners to a group board and pin their posts to the group boards.
  • You can end message or pins through pinterest as well.
  • Following each other is also a good way to collaborate.

Promote Your Boards

You can promote your blog posts through the Pinterest as well. Promotion for your boards can be done by:

  • Make a widget for your account and put it in your blog's sidebar or footers.
  • Attaching related or relevant Pinterest board in your post.
  • Mention of your boards in other social media.
  • Include your board widgets n your newsletter

Install Pin It Button of Browser Extension

There are some ways for you to pin your contents and others to Pinterest. You can do it manually from the Pinterest site, or you can click the pin it buttons installed in the blogs. If you want to shorten the manual pinning time, here is what to do:

  • Install the pin it button plugin in your blog, if you use WordPress. I am not sure with other blogging platform. Your audience will be able to pin on your content easily.
  • Not all blogs have the pin it button on the images. Meanwhile, you need to get content from others too. Therefore, installing pin it button browser extension will be a good way to shorten your pinning time.

Always Have Pinnable Pictures in Your Post

Having a pinnable pictures in your post is a must if you want to grow your blog with the Pinterest. Here are some points to pay attention:

  • Have a vertical or high image to pin
  • Give a proper description around 20 – 30 words in your pin
  • Give appropriate title or alt with your image in your blog
  • Give words or title of your post written on your images.
  • Give a watermark of your blog on the image as well.
  • Renew and revise the old pictures regularly so that your pinterest audience will repin it again.

Learn More about Pinterest

Technology and the trends always change. It also happens with the Pinterest as Pinterest also improves. Therefore, we should always learn more so we can stay up to date.

ECourse to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

Here is a couple of Pinterest e-courses you need to check out to grow your blog ad business in Pinterest:

Pinterest Strategies for Brands and Bloggers

  • Lesson One: Why Is Pinterest So Important?
  • Lesson Two: What Makes Pinterest Social?
  • Lesson Three: The Anatomy of a Healthy Pinterest Profile
  • Lesson Four: One Account or Two?
  • Lesson Five: Rich Pins
  • Lesson Six: Understanding the Smart Feed
  • Lesson Seven: Digging in the Pinterest Analytics Goldmine
  • Lesson Eight: Analyzing Your Website
  • Lesson Nine: Guided Search and Pinterest SEO
  • Lesson Ten: Creating a Perfectly Pinnable Image
  • Lesson Eleven: Photography Tips for Pinterest
  • Lesson Twelve: Photos and Copyright
  • Lesson Thirteen: Carefully Written Pin Descriptions
  • Lesson Fourteen: A Pinterest Editorial Calendar
  • Lesson Fifteen: Best Pinterest Plugins for WordPress
  • Lesson Sixteen: Scheduling Pins
  • Lesson Seventeen: Great Pinning Strategies
  • Lesson Eighteen: Important Details About Pinterest Boards
  • Lesson Nineteen: Who, Where and What of Following
  • Lesson Twenty: Advertising on Pinterest with Promoted Pins
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Capturing Pinterest Visitors
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Selling Products with Pinterest and Buyable Pins
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Pinterest Account Security
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Best Practices for Pinterest

Pinning Perfect

  • How the Pinterest landscape has changed with the new Smart Feed (and what to do about it)
  • How to set up your account (and yourself) for wild success
  • The traffic-building way to organize your boards (no, they shouldn’t all be in alphabetical order)
  • The two boards every blogger MUST have
  • Collaborative Boards — how they work, how to find them, do’s and don’ts… and why you shouldn’t rely too much on them
  • Ways to drive followers to your Pinterest boards from your blog
  • Creative ways to incorporate Pinterest into your social media promotion
  • A step-by-step process for pinning your posts (including one trick to pin your posts more frequently without annoying your followers)
  • Tools to implement on your site to gain followers and get things pinned
  • Cool tools that will help you win at using Pinterest
  • A pinning strategy cheat sheet that works! (HINT—don’t pin randomly!)

Blog Clarity Courses

Books about Pinterest

Reading books about Pinterest will help you to update your knowledge about it. Here are some recommended books:


I am also collecting some great posts in my Pinterest board. You might follow this board to get updates:

Follow The Arrow, Virtual Assistant Service's board Pinterest on Pinterest.


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