Why I Change from Genesis to Thrive Themes

Why I Change from Genesis to Thrive Themes

It was 2011 that I have just started blogging for the first time at Blessedlearners with the homeschooling niche. I started from zero with self-hosting WordPress. When many people usually start from the free platforms, I just wanted to start with the settled form since I didn't want to get messed up with migration later on.

At that time, I used the premium Elegant Theme since it looked more economical with the number of themes available. I changed the themes regularly for me to experience the theme setting. Well, I like Elegant Themes and have tried around 10 themes from all in  two years of my blogging experience.

When I hang around the blogging FB groups, I found that many people use Genesis framework with the rich child themes. I went around the blogs using the Genesis Framework and I purchased the Studiopress Pro Plus All Theme Pack. You can see how I love setting up themes and try new ones each time. I was not a virtual assistant yet at that time. I just monetized my blog. I am just a theme addicted blogger. I fell in love with the Genesis Framework. Even I also purchased the childtheme from Restored 316 Design as I love the feminine atmosphere.

  • I can learn the CSS and Html easily by working around the style.css editor modifying the child theme here and there.
  • Being able to modify the codes makes me use the Genesis framework flexibly or easily customized. Changing the colors, fonts, position, size can make my blog more interesting.
  • Studiopress has a great forum and customer service as well. I asked the community or the customer service officers when I found some problems. They are very helpful.
  • I have never had any trouble with the database error as what I had previously.
  • The childthemes are light enough as long as I didn't use a lot of plugins.
  • There are many bloggers use The Genesis Framework across the social media so I can ask around easily.

Early of this month, I used Genesis Framework to shape this website. I have tried a couple of the child themes: Enterprise Pro and Lifestyle. Both of them worked well as usual. However, I think I need a better landing page for my homepage.  I thought also to try the Parallax themes, but it would took more time. I can purchase a landing page plugin to make just a landing page, but I am thinking also to reduce the number of plugins in the website as well.

I remembered Thrive Themes that provides wonderful plugins that make great conversion in my blog, Blessedlearners. Thrive Themes have 10 themes that looked ordinary for me actually. However, reading the features of the themes have, I was curious to proof them. I use the Rise from Thrive Themes after thinking a lot why I need to change.

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Reduced Plugins

Using Thrive Themes, I deleted all of the social media plugins, image optimization, and all of the genesis plugins that have already been covered. I don't need to use these plugins anymore:

  • The image optimization plugins. I used Regenerate Thumbnails to make sure that the picture sizes are optimized with the themes I use. Remember, I love theme modification and changing.
    I don't use this plugin anymore since Thrive Themes provides the built up image optimizer.
  • The coding plugin. I used Genesis Simple Hooks for several years as long as I use the Genesis Framework. It is hard for me to say good bye to this plugin actually. However, as I try to make this site looks professional, I will pay more attention to the method Thrive Themes offer and suggest.
  • The sharing plugin. I used Genesis Simple Share to share the post to the social media. I just got rid of this plugin since Thrive Themes provide this feature in all of the themes avalable.
  • The social follow plugin. I just used the html codes or the provided codes from each social media to get the visitors follow me in the social media. The last time, I used Social Media and Social Icons. As Thrive Themes are ready with this feature, so I don't need this plugin anymore.
  • Font manager plugins are not needed to be installed anymore.
  • I also don't need the related post plugins. i have used several of these in the past.
  • I don't think I need shortcode plugins anymore since Thrive Themes have the build in page generator with the shortcodes.

There are less than 10 plugins left out and it can still be reduced, I think.

Display Cutomization without Coding

I have been used to code using Genesis Framework, but with Thrive Themes, all of the coding works are replaced by options. The fonts and color are very customizeable. It looks like the Elegant Theme system, but it is more detail. There are also a box for css customization so that the main coding page is still safe.

However, to do a lot of modification, we need to make a child theme. It is not difficult since there are some tutorials about how to make child themes.

Super Customer Service, Tutorials, and Training

Since the first day of purchasing the theme, I received trainings from the autoresponder. When I follow the training, I would be able to use most of the features in the Thrive Themes. This is a great after sales service. Customers are not neglected after the purchase. We are introduced to the features so the theme can work the best for us. This is an after sales service I have never received before.

Besides, there is also forums available in the member dashboard where we can ask and browse any similar problems we have. By reading others' tickets, we can learn how to explore the theme better.

A Set of Page Generator

The first time I used Thrive Themes, I was very confused about the system which are very different from the Genesis Framework. In the middle of my confussion, I was surprised by the availability of a set of page generators. They are pages used for templates by making clones to the templates. I don't need to make the pages from the scratch anymore, but I just need to do modification.

Ready Landing Page Templates

I have used the Landing Pages or Content Builder plugins from Thrive Themes, but usng the theme is quite different. After a while I was so happy to see the Landing Page Templates. With this function, I don't have to be worried about making clean landing pages anymore.

However, If you want to maximize the use of landing page in the website, I would like to suggest you to use Landing Page plugin. I use this plugin for my homeschooling website and love it so much.

High Conversion Themes

Conversion means changing the visitors to be customers. There are several ways to make high conversion without adding other plugins anymore. What a money safe. Thrive Themes provide a couple of features for this purpose:

  • Focus Area
  • Opt-in Forms

Both of the email subscriber attraction can be placed in almost any place in the site. Some templates are provided, but we also can design by ourselves.

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  • Change from Genesis to Thrive Themes is not as scary as I thought previously. There are a lot of plugins trimmed down. Therefore, automatically the site speed should be increased.
  • Thrive Themes provide high conversion features for your website without spending more money.
  • If you want to get a new WordPress theme with very simple setting up and high conversion, I would like to suggest Thrive Themes.
  • Why I Change from Genesis to Thrive Themes

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